impact·distillery – a network of experts. We benefit from a rich set of experience spanning data science, information visualisation, statistical software and knowledge transfer as well as a strong conceptional focus on how to present complex content to a wider audience.

It is our mission to distil scientific facts for multiple audiences in order to achieve the maximum impact of scientific work.

Scholarly training

Impact School 2017 – Science transfer in the 21st century

The Impact School is a three-day training in which scientists learn the skills necessary to make their research compatible for audiences outside academia. The impact school covers theoretical and applied courses on science communication, knowledge transfer, entrepreneurship, and policy consulting.

Graphite publication

Kooperationen zwischen Startups und Mittelstand

The online version of this study by Martin Wrobel, Thomas Schildhauer, and Karina Preiß is rendered using our software Graphite.


Publication framework Graphite

graphite offers the infrastructure as well as the expertise to enhance your publications for a multi-media and interactive digital context. The more than ever emerging demand for reliable and well-edited information meets a depreciated way of publishing. To bridge this gap our portfolio ranges from individualised consulting to services in each steps of a publication process – from a draft to its launch.

Data analysis and report

Benchmarking Startup Ecosystems

To improve Germany – and Berlin and Hamburg in particular – as a business location for startups, we depend on high-quality data and information how these startup ecosystems perform in an international comparison and develop over time. In our report we compare recent studies, discuss various data sources, and provide practical recommendations how to improve the evaluation of German startup ecosystems.

Research project

Data sharing in academia

Shared research data in academia is associated with considerable benefits. However, curating, archiving and making data available for others is far from being the rationale for good scientific practice. The research project “Data sharing” aims to identify factors for efficient data re-use. A research project on which many of our activities are based upon.

Online tool for political engagement

Wahlkompass Digitales

An interactive tool to search and compare the parties’ programmes for the German Federal Election.