Consulting and training

We advise you on all aspects of data science, software infrastructures, knowledge management and communication. If required, we can provide suitable training or set up a joint study.

Data management

Data collection and management

Depending on your needs, we can work with existing data or conduct our own surveys. We provide initial insights, clean and enrich your data, select appropriate storage options and continuously ensure data quality.

Analysis and modeling

Analysis and modeling

Starting with a descriptive analysis, we then explore data, and build optimized models focusing on explanation and predictions. These are made using traditional statistics as well as modern machine learning algorithms.

Software development

Statistical software development

When working with data, we attach great importance to stable, automated workflows. Based on this experience, we develop suitable statistical software and interactive tools for the presentation of data.

Reporting and impact

Reporting and impact

Data analysis is not an end in itself, but should create real added value and impact for you. Accordingly, we select suitable forms of presentation and work with you to develop strategies for implementation.

Welcome to Impact Distillery

Prof. Dr. Marcel Hebing

The Impact Distillery is a platform for data-based projects that create real added value and impact – bringing together a network of experts and a sustainable technological infrastructure for effective implementation.

As a Professor of Data Science, it is very important to me that we take current scientific insights and the latest technology into account and adhere to high standards of scientific quality, especially when it comes to data and analysis.

When Impact Distillery was founded in 2016, the development of statistical software was the focus of our work. Since then, our portfolio has continuously expanded and today includes the conception and implementation of complete data analysis projects, the design of customized reports and dashboards, as well as training and consulting on the many aspects of data science. We offer these services in the spirit of the name Impact Distillery – extracting the essential insights from data to create real added value.

We look forward to hearing which questions we can help you to answer with your data.

Prof. Dr. Marcel Hebing

Clients and partners

Whom we loved to work with in recent years.

DIW Berlin
Winning Group
Uni Mannheim
Süddeutsche Zeitung
RDG Insights
Leibniz Open Science
DDI Alliance
Norwegian Business School
Berlin Partner